Soft Medieval Combat - Aspiring Knights

Soft Medieval Combat

Honour & Arms Aspiring Knights Programme

What is Soft Medieval Combat?


Soft Medieval Combat is a modern sword fighting martial art for young athletes who use safe (soft) equipment: a sword, a shield and, of course, armour. Participants can start praticing from the age of 6 years old and start to compete from the age of 10 in the duelling and buhurt disciplines.

Is It Safe? 

Soft Medieval Combat is very safe as all equipment used is designed to lessen the impact and offer maximal protection to those involved. Madatory equipment are helmets, body protector, arm protectors, leg protectors and hand protection. The soft sword and the shield are also designed to reduce the impact keeping things safe and controlled.


Why Soft Medieval Combat? 

Soft Medieval Combat is a highly useful tool for competetive training for Historical Medieval Battle (HMB). It is a great way to develop technique, skills and fitness that transfer over to the main aspects of armoured combat. It also helps to teach control and discipline.

What Is The Aspiring Knights Programme? 

Here at Honour & Arms we have developed our own soft medieval combat training programme called the Aspiring Knights Programme which is licensed as a martial arts system by the BMABA.

The entire concept, syllabus, learning outcomes, lesson plans and the system on the whole has undergone a critical evaluation by the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association and an independent committee who have deemed it to be of such a level as to warrant the endorsement of the Association in its development and practice in line with the Association guidelines.

This means that not only can we deliver our own ratified syllabus, but that any grades or progressions in the Aspiring Knights Historical Medieval Combat syllabus issued within the framework of shall be recognised by BMABA.

How Much Does It Cost? 

HMB Soft sessions cost £3 for children and £5 for adults. We provide all the necessary training and equipment along with teaching and syllabus to enable chidlren and adults alike to get the utmost out of their training experiences.

How Do You Train? 

We have developed our whole system for our Aspiring Knights programme which consists of 16 learning outcomes over 4 modules. Each has a single learning objective which build into grading levels at the end of each module.

At the end of each module your child will be issued with a certificate of completion to demonstrate they have sucessfully demonstrated the learning outcomes. Ultimately however we want to keep everything fun and there will be plenty of games and energy used.

Where Do You Train?


Our dedicated club venue is at Unit 2, Bridge End Mills, Tong Ln, Whitworth, Rochdale, OL12 8BE.

This purpose built facility is designed to allow everyone to safely and effectively train in Buhurt whilst having fun and ejoying themselves.  Adults Soft Medieval Combat is in line with our Tuesday & Thursday timetable on our training page.