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Hello and welcome to the Honour & Arms Club website.  Honour & Arms (H&A) is an historical fencing group based in Rochdale, Lancashire and we are dedicated to the study and practice of Historical European weaponry styles as a martial art.


We run training and compete in Historical Medieval Battle (HMB). We run workshops and courses on various styles of historical fencing and European martial arts throughout the year. All of our classes are open to beginners and experienced practitioners alike, so if you are interested in learning to fence and fight with us, please contact us or even better, come along! We are always keen to see new faces (although we do require you to be over 18).


HMB uses heavier weapons than modern sports fencing and as such, all of our classes are run with safety in mind. It is part of our aim to have fun and enjoy ourselves while we learn and when we compete.  For our HMB focused training we run fitness and soft kit training sessions simulating Bohurt and duel competeition. We are always open to switching things up and trying out other styles!


Please feel free to have a look around and contact us if you have an questions!


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