Training, Information & Videos

Where Do You Train?


Our dedicated club venue is at Unit 2, Bridge End Mills, Tong Ln, Whitworth, Rochdale, OL12 8BE.

This purpose built facility is designed to allow everyone to safely and effectively train in HMB whilst having fun and ejoying themselves.


So How Much Does It Cost?

Well how long is a piece of string!? (Only joking)


To come and participate in class we charge an individual fee to contribute to the clubs running costs and contribute towards the cost of our insurance. This is currently set at £6.50 per weekday session, per person, and £10 per person per weekend open session which last from 10am until 2:30pm. We also offer a capped £25/month option for those wanting to attend the weekday sessions which works out cheaper than £6.50 per individual session. Honour & Arms uses any profts and overages as reinvestment into the club in the form of equipment, manuals et al to the betterment of continuing the clubs progress.


As with any martial art there are other costs but these are totally down to what you would wish to spend. Safety equipment, training weapons, manuscripts, books et al are all available for you to purchase at your leisure to suit your needs but never fear, we have club equipment that can be used whilst you decide on what you want and need.



Useful Links And Information.


Below are some useful links and information in all aspects of HEMA. For HMB specific information plwase go to our HMB Specific page.




Our Basic Syllabus

We operate a basic syllabus for all participants which focuses on sword and shield striking coupled with our selection of grappling specific Judo & Wrestling techniques. We also have an approved and licensed Historical Medieval Combat system called the Aspiring Knights programme which is independetly licensed and endorsed by the British Martail Arts & Boxing Association.

Policies And Procedures?

Honour and Arms HMB Club is a completely independent training facility for the pursuit of Full Contact Medieval Combat to both Buhurt International and IMCF rule sets.

We are completely independent and operate our own dedicated policies and procedures for the club, however we also allign where possible with those produced by the Medieval Combat Sports Association Great Britain & the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association. 

We have chosen to allign where possible to operate a transparent and equal approach to the practice of Medieval Combat Sports. We also work to the code of conducts issued by the Buhurt International  and IMCF when training for Buhurt.







Our Video Playlists For Different Technique Disciplines

Striking For HMB - Sword And Shield

Introduction To Polearm Using Quarter Staff Techniques

An Outline Tour of Our Facility. 

We Have Much more In Store Now!

Introduction To Longsword For Duelling

How To Make A HMB 'Boffer' Sword For Soft Kit Duelling And Drilling

Our Grass Roots Event 

Saturday Knight Fights