Armour Workshop


Medieval Combat Sports take their toll on the equipment we use. Damage of the kit is to be expected but not everyone has the skills or capability to repair their kit. That is why at Honour & Arms we also run our own dedicated armour workshop where we can help with:

  • Basic armouring skills (riveting technique, creating buckles, punching/drilling)
  • Small Repairs (replacing buckles, rivets, straps or adding straps, liners etc)
  • Structural Armour Repairs (fixing and repairing structural defects, cracks, plating)
  • Small Armour Manufacture (bridgandines, sabatons, neck protectors)
  • HMB/IMCF specification axes, halberd and mace manufacture.

For a gallery of our work please visit our Facebook gallery for:

Armour Repair 

HMB/IMCF Weaponry

We also have a YouTube series called "What's on the bench?" where we posted videos covering some of the repairs we do to help illustrate what is involved.

What's on the bench? - YouTube Playlist